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The Trials of Galileo

International Tour
March 2014 - Dec 2020

The Trials of Galileo

By Nic Young
Starring Tim Hardy

The first flowering of scientific truth trampled by the bully church.

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Audience Feedback

A tour de force.
Excellently performed story!
Anything following that would be an anti-climax!
Absolutely 'top note.'
Very enjoyable and very relevant!
Excellent! A most enjoyable hour!
Exellent evening!
Absolutely brilliant, thank you.
Super evening, we were sent back to the 1600s!!
Excellent performance. Best Q&A ever. It adds so much info.
Very enjoyable indeed!

From the Oxford Playhouse comments book



I just wanted to let you know what a magical experience we had on Friday evening watching Tim Hardy’s remarkable one man show in the courtyard of the Grand Master’s Palace in Valletta. We have recently moved from UK to Malta and one of our concerns was the possible lack of access to the arts, especially as our UK home is in London. We have no need to fear as long as we are visited by such quality touring productions as yours.

My father was visiting us from UK and we were keen to make for Malta to make a favourable impression as we’d love him to join us over here, at the very least during the UK winter. Again, mission accomplished. In the last year or so we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy Kenneth Branagh’s Macbeth, the Lears of Frank Langella and Simon Russell-Beale and Jude Law’s Henry V but my father said that Saturday night was his best theatre experience for many years.

Just as important as Tim Hardy’s incredible display was the wonderful writing of Nic Young. He managed to keep the piece rooted firmly in its period whilst raising important and fundamental questions that are relevant today. And, of course, the setting was spectacular.

We’d like to thank everyone involved for such a wonderful evening.

Thanks you

Nigel and Bernie Foster


An exceptional solo performance and incredibly engagement. I was surprised how the themes of thought control, belief, faith and enlightenment really came out of it.

Luke Robson

A wonderful acting performance and the 70 minutes flew by . It was a truly interesting evening and all in my party - twelve U3A Philosophy students - most certainly agreed.

Geoffrey Taylor, Chairman of South Hill Park Arts Centre


"It is excellent. it's fantastic to see a one man show , and feel in such safe hands as Tim. he is brilliant. and he played the audience like a violin..."

Brian Kirk, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

As good as Wolf Hall!

Amazing. Very inspiring. Thank you.

Brilliant – thank you – ideas that were revolutionary so well explained.

Excellent and great post-theatre discussion 

Excellent performance! Do see the contemporary portrait in the Weston library – anyway you impressed this astronomer!

A splendid performance and a great experience: Good luck for the future

Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford Playhouse, Comments Book, 23 March 2015


My wife and I greatly enjoyed 'Galileo' in Aberdeen last night. Superb performance of strength and subtlety.

Drew Young


"This is a thrilling show about one of the crucial moments in the history of the Western civilization: the confrontation between science and religion in the work - no, in the mind and body - of Galileo. This is drama that makes you think but also laugh and cry. Anyone who loves theatre should see this performance."

Peter Holland, McMeel Family Chair, Shakespeare Studies, Notre Dame

"Passionate, intelligent, hilarious, chilling - in Tim Hardy's phenomenal performance, the knifefight between science and religion does not take place between men, but INSIDE one."

Professor Gary Taylor, Senior Editor New Oxford Shakespeare

"At a gathering of postgraduate students from universities all round the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Tim Hardy gave his one-man performance as Galileo, the father of research. it is Hardy's performance, through a spectrum of mood changes, that makes the evening so special. It is an entrancing and moving character study, showing that great acting can as easily happen in small spaces as in the grandest theatres."

Dr Alistair Niven, Principal, Cumberland Lodge, The Great Park, Windsor

"For me it was the memorable of all the (Barlow) lectures. Not only the lecture, but the performance and the discussions at dinner were outstanding."

John D. Barlow, Dean Emeritus IUPUI

"Galileo was fantastic! As a thrilling account of Galileo's battle with the church, it was dramatic story telling at its best. With minimal props and set, Tim Hardy told a rich and thought provoking story which held the audience throughout. It was a well-structured, compelling, virtuosic solo performance and gave rise to thought provoking and intelligent post-show questions. Our students and staff much appreciated the question and answer session at the end. I would be delighted to recommend any production from Icarus Theatre Collective."

Jennifer Nelson, Sherborne School

"A brilliant and polished performance showing the human frailty, ego and genius of Galileo. It is not enough to be right but one must sympathetically bring your patron on the journey."

Nigel Johnson

"Tim Hardy manages to bring Galileo the man rather than the legend to life, showings all his failings so painfully and his inabilities to understand the human condition and Machiavellian machinations as easily as he understood the orbits of the Jovian system. His voice has a mellifluous quality that he uses to show the frailty of the old scientist and the power of the Pope and his accusers. all in all a wonderful production and a great counterpoint to the Brecht play with its all too confident Galileo."

John Rodie

kate cook ‏@katecookcook 19 Aug
@icarustheatre The Trials of Galileo at New Town Theatre is a great show! Brilliant performance by Tim Hardy! #edfringe

Jeanette Young ‏@young_jeanette Aug 19
The Trials of Galileo | Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Great performance. Plenty of laughs in script too @icarustheatre http://www.edfringe.com/event/2015TRIALSO_2M

Helen Wilde ‏@helenmwilde Aug 19
@icarustheatre #galileo The Trials of Galileo. Tim Hardy one hander. Absolutely Brilliant! @NewtownTheatre #edfringe

Maia ‏@_MaiaJ Aug 14
The Trials of Galileo: Wonderfully performed one man show (which had me wikipediaing Galileo after to find out more!) #edfringe

Gerard Logan ‏@gerardlogan Aug 17 Please you must go & see @icarustheatre's "The Trials of Galileo". Tim Hardy - good God that man is BRILLIANT. #god https://files.list.co.uk/images/festivals/2015/fringe/2015TRIALSO-2M-300.jpg …

Lesley Strachan ‏@LaStrachan Aug @icarustheatre play The Trials of Galileo. You won't see finer drama at #edfringe2015. 5***** Tim Hardy performance

Katie Lee ‏@jesuiskatielee Aug
Playing the system with hypotheticals... We can all learn from #Galileo! Splendid show from Tim Hardy @icarustheatre

Bob Hammersley ‏@BobHammersley1 Mar 23
@icarustheatre The Trials of Galileo - brilliant & never more relevant

Stephen Andrews (@StevanAndrews)

@icarustheatre really enjoyed the front row seats at tonight's performance in Lisburn. Tim Hardy was fantastic as Galileo, superb actor.

Wonderful thought provoking performance @GroundlingsUK #thetrialsofgalileo


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