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Romeo & Juliet

National Tour
Autumn 2012 - Spring 2013
A co-production with King's Theatre, Southsea
Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

By William Shakespeare

Violent delights have violent ends...

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Audience Feedback


Just wanted to say I had the pleasure of seeing the production of Romeo and Juliet at the Ardowen Theatre in Enniskillen this past Saturday evening and thought it was brilliant. We were in a small theatre so felt connected to the actors who all gave impressive, emotional performances.

The story of Romeo and Juliet has been an important part of my life growing up and this performance did not disappoint. The fight scenes were amazing...I was literally holding my breath! Loved that Tybalt was female and thought it was a mind-expanding addition. The set was perfect, lighting and sound set well and the costumes left me wishing I could've seen them up close, especially Lady Capulet's dress in her final scene. Mercutio was fantastic...he has always been my favourite character of the story. Nurse was bounds of energy that never ceased. Amazing. I hope you will return to Enniskillen in the future to grace us with your talent. Thank you!

Holly Roeber Barnsley



Yesterday my family went with our home-ed group to see your lunch time showing at the Adam Smith Theatre. Although they met Mr Holton at the end and were able to say how much they enjoyed the performance, I thought you might be interested to hear some of the comments they made on the long drive home. These quotes are from Eleanor, aged 13 and Alexander, aged 8.

"I didn't realise that Juliet was the same age as me....... thirteen..... and she wanted to get married!!! What was she thinking of? What an idiot!"

"That Mercutio! Alex thought his language was shocking but then most teenage boys are numpties but without swords, actually that means we were able to understand more than we thought we would, but honestly did you see his tights?..."
(At this point I was negotiating a roundabout, while she was waiting for confirmation that I was still listening. I thought she was growing up now and had reached the stage where a boy who said he liked her could go home without a black eye!)
"He was amazing! The way he got those tights off to play Friar Lawrence and, and this is the amazing bit ..... Get them on again without them looking twisted and baggy! I wish I could do that!"
To which her brother added: "...and his hair! Did you notice that one minute his hair is sticky-up and then when he's a monk it's all flat, and then it's sticky-up again without looking dirty and scruffy like Explorers!" (Scouts aged 14 - 18 yrs).

"I think the Prince had a very hard job, a bit like the police trying to stop teenage gangs with parents who just don't get it."

They both loved the Nurse: "The way she started out funny as if she was a little bit drunk, and then became very serious at the end. I think that sometimes she was being a little bit rude but I'm not sure of the words, am I right?" To which his sister replied "yes".

"I liked the fighting, it was very good because they had to remember where to put their feet and arms at the right time and remember all those words and be able to do it again and again, without anyone actually getting hurt, that is very clever. The lights were very clever too because all those shapes on the stage didn't move but the lights let you know when everyone was indoors or outdoors or in the church."

"I liked Juliet's dad, the way he was very fed up and tired of all the boys and Tybalt arguing all the time, when all he wanted was a nice party then when he lost his temper with Juliet .... that was spectacular! You wouldn't have thought someone so tired at the start could shout so loud!! He really meant that, and Tybalt...... That was the best huff I have ever seen!"

"When Romeo walked past me that was exciting! for a little moment we were part of the play"

Yesterday Alexander told Mr Holton that his favourite part was the end when Romeo and Juliet died but couldn't explain why, but that it definitely wasn't because he wanted to go home! Today he still cannot say why exactly but added: "If when I'm older I see another play that makes me feel like that again, I will know more words then to tell you how it made me feel but at the moment I don't know how to describe it, but when Romeo and Juliet died, I don't know why but that was my favourite part."

So thank you everyone for a wonderful day.

Jane Bathgate

I took a group of Year 11 GCSE English students to see your production of 'Romeo and Juliet' at Norwich Playhouse yesterday evening. It was great to see the play brought to life in such an imaginative and exciting way. It really held the students' attention and we all had a very enjoyable evening.

Many thanks to all involved!

Sheila Paterson
English teacher, All Saints School, Lessingham, Norfolk

Not sure whether Valentines day was the best day to pick to see a play about doomed love but just to say that my wife and I really enjoyed the production of Romeo and Juliet in Shrewsbury last evening. We saw Macbeth last year and were looking out for you coming back. We knew the storyline of course but your very clever production really brought the underlying narrative to light.

Keep coming to Shrewsbury please!

Oh my. That was incredible. I will never picture Romeo & Juliet without David McLaughlin again. He’s definitely too sexy for his shirt. Well, the whole cast of the Icarus Theatre company are amazing..



Good Morning,

Just wanted to drop a line to say how brilliant we thought your performance was of Romeo and Juliet last night (Worthing 21/9).

We were the group in the majority of the front row , made up of children from ten to six years old and their mums . Your electrifying performance held every child and adult's attention for the whole evening. The children followed the story clearly because you made it so explicit and accessible to them. The energy that every performer put into their performance was amazing. The boys loved the violence however you also held their attention with the romance and tragedy. The girls were enthralled throughout.

The performances of Romeo, Juliet, the Nurse and Mercutio were especially fabulous however that is not to detract from how excellent everyone's performances were. The girls' favourite was Tybalt.

Our children were very lucky to have you as their first experience of Shakepeare. You created so many magical moments in the play in which we felt the atmosphere of love, fun, turmoil, darkness and death - so we experienced the play as well as observing it.

Thank you so much and good luck with the rest of the tour which we hope David McLaughlin does not find too difficult!!

Kind Regards

Alexis Dowglass


Please can you pass on our thanks to the fantastic actors in the performance of Romeo and Juliet that we saw last night at the Malvern Theatre. It was the first Shakespeare play that my son had ever seen, and as a 12 year-old football and x-box junkie I was a little apprehensive about taking him to see it. However he and I were absolutely mesmerised for the entire performance, and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the fabulous cast.

I can’t tell you how thrilling it is as a parent to hear your son quote lines from Shakespeare on the way home, while telling you it’s the best thing he’s ever seen!!

We will definitely keep an eye out for future Icarus Theatre productions and wish you every success for the future.

Best wishes
Jo Vicary (and Josh)


I just wanted to congratulate you all on such a good production of "R & J".

I was on duty in the forum Theatre in Malvern on 28th Sept. & felt very sorry that there were not more people in the audience. My colleagues & I all enjoyed your production, & I wish you all the best for the rest of your tour.

I know how difficult it is to get into the theatre, as I have a friend whose daughters are highly trained singers & dancers; one has been in some commercial productions, the other has started up drama groups for children.

You are all so professional, you deserve to "make it"!

Nora Barry


Just to say we realy enjoyed ourselves. Full house, great audience, fight scenes were superb, very professional, Nurse looks like a real find,

Thanks very much for the tickets,

-Margaret & Gerard Goessen


I just want say how glad I finally saw an Icarus production. I missed out last year with your Macbeth.

Perfomances from all were gripping, with attention to every detail payed. I would love to see Icarus return in the future.

I really loved the show.

Thank You,

Emmet Doyle.

Dear Icarus Theatre,

I took a small group of students to see your production of Romeo and Juliet at the Brewhouse theatre Taunton yesterday. My students were very impressed and really enjoyed the performances. My students take their education at a Medical Pupil referral Unit – all of them have medical conditions which prevent them from accessing school in the normal way.

These sorts of opportunities are very important for them and the whole experience was very positive.

Thank you once again for a most enjoyable and expertly performed version of Romeo and Juliet – we were all highly impressed and excited by the performance.

Yours Sincerely
Lesley McDowall


Twitter Feedback


MullingarArtCentre ‏ @ ArtsCentreMedia

A big Thank YOU to those @ icarustheatre for a fantastic production both last night and this afternoon of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet :)


Dramabugs ‏ @ DramabugsNI

@ roevalleyarts @ icarustheatre A wonderful show, great performances from all the cast,my students loved it thank you!


Pocklington Arts PAC ‏@PocklingtonArts

For never was there a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo... A big thank you to @icarustheatre for a wonderful production.


Jessica ‏ @ JZDx

Just seen a brilliant version of Romeo and Juliet by Icarus Theatre Collective! Truly outstanding acting by all. # YeahBuddyShakespeare

UHArts ‏ @UniHertsArts

Thanks @icarustheatre for bringing another amazing production to The Weston Auditorium. Great feedback from the audience. :)

Martin Jennings ‏ @geniusstrokes

@icarustheatre Amazing performances made for a great night.

Orlagh @ wakeupslut

@ icarustheatre Thank you!! :') Definitely without a doubt one of the best plays I've seen :)
@ icarustheatre Romeo And Juliet was amazing in The river bank today :)

Arron Bevan-John ‏@ArronBev

An excellent take on Romeo and Juliet by @icarustheatre this evening. Shakespeare makes me proud to be British. #TrulyOutstanding

Abigail Hooper @ AbbyLaura_H

Great show at the brewhouse taunton, Spring Awakening. #mustsee

Mark Rees ‏@reviewwales

Another good show from @icarustheatre earlier.

The Butterfly sings @jupeseche

@icarustheatre @FairfieldHalls loved Shakespeare's Romeo n Juliet, cast, costumes and tragedy a superb production, so glad I saw it.x

Catherine McGinty @ McGinty_Cath

MP & I enjoyed Icarus Theatre Collective's Romeo & Juliet @ MillenniumForum. Congrats 2 director, cast & crew.


Fairfield Halls @FairfieldHalls

@jupeseche Fantastic to hear you enjoyed R&J. @icarustheatre did a brilliant job and thank you so much for the feedback! Have a great day :)


Dipsey x @ butterxscotch

Watching Romeo and Juliet at braintree sixth form centre.... Actually is awesome :) @ icarustheatre it was truly wonderful!


Rebecca Saunders @rebeccasaunders

Great show @fairfieldshall with the @icarustheatre and @spleeny206- love Romeo & Juliet #theatre


RεGINA GεORGε ✌ @ emilywbu__

@ icarustheatre's Romeo & Juliet at the Georgian was amazing. I just came home & cried because I couldn't at the theatre. (': oh, bless me.


Richard Hay @Richard_Hay

Congratulations to @icarustheatre for another brilliant show! Great 2c everyone again! @EmmaCarterActor and I loved it!! #romeoandjuliet

Tilly Rose @tillyrose10

Gosh what a day! Attacked by a heron but the day finished nicely watching Romeo & Juliet @KeyTheatre ...lovely production! Night night all x

Martyn Webb @Webby652

Just seen @icarustheatre perform Romeo and Juliet...Stunning Performances from the whole Cast

Rejwana&NaimaBieber @Crazii4jbiebz

@KDuBois really enjoyed watching Romeo and Juliet at the Kings Theatre today!

Anna Howell @AnnaHowelll

here is my review from Romeo & Juliet from last nights performance by @icarustheatre http://www.aboutmyarea.co.uk/Hampshire/Portsmouth/PO6/News/Reviews-and-Features/231100-Romeo-and-Juliet-At-The-Kings i recommend u read it and see it

Ruth Barrett @rumebar

@icarustheatre Great opening night of Romeo and Juliet at the beautiful Kings Theatre in Southsea.

Matthew Thring @MattThring

A really enjoyable performance! Funny and moving in all the right places. Well Done @icarustheatre and thank you @KingsSouthsea


Angela @ Cheeky_Peanut

Saw Romeo and Juliet last night performed by @ icarustheatre and absolutely loved it. Amazing performance by everybody. Wow!


Facebook Feedback


Scott Worboy Well. You boys and girls were just outright sensational. Such passion. Such emotion. A truly great performance. If anyone reads this who is thinking of going to see these guys i say stop thinking about it - and do it! Thank you. :)


Joao OgandoJust arrived from the Harlow Playhouse! Fantastic your Romeo and Juliet! Congratulations and thanks for the oportunity! Obrigado!


Ryan Bullick

i was at the show at mcneil ttheater in larne it was so good love all the cast good job guys




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