All Star Shakespeare

All-Star Shakespeare is a fun, interactive series of workshops where each class will rehearse and perform a scene from a Shakespeare play, culminating in a school-wide sharing.

Icarus Theatre Collective is an award-winning international touring company specialising in staging classical texts in new and exciting ways. Bringing the joy of Shakespeare to students of all ages has always been a core value of Icarus and over the past 15 years our educational workshops have benefited more than 10,000 children and young people.

Each workshop is adapted to suit students from across KS1 and 2, and encourages them to express their own creativity and curiosity to put their own unique stamp on the story.

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Contact Isabelle Hayden on for more information.

Icarus education workshops help students to:

Develop language skills

Work together as a team

Build self-confidence

Understand the plot and characters

All our facilitators are professional actors or directors with a background in teaching and workshop leading. Having performed many of the Shakespeare leading roles themselves they know the texts inside out and can help even the youngest of students understand and connect with the language and core themes of the plays.

Teachers reviews

"It’s amazing to be able to share the joy of Shakespeare - the witches, jealous brothers, nasty uncles, magic, fairies, castles, battles, sunshine, storms, the sea and the land, forests, animals and wild, empty vistas. These things all appeal to children’s interests right through from Reception to Year 6."
Mr Neal, Deputy Head, Wilkinson Primary School
“A great way to bring culture of the nation directly to our school. It’s been brilliant for us being able to expose the children to something we otherwise might not have been able to.’
Mr Neal, Deputy Head, Wilkinson Primary School
“It lifted Shakespeare off the page and the students felt that it gave them the opportunity to experience what it was like in Shakespeare’s time. The etiquette of Shakespearean England has given their essays a new depth in their controlled assessments”
Mrs Morrison, English teacher, Purbrook Park School

Student reviews

“It makes so much more sense now. I feel ready for my controlled assessment”
Mr Neal, Deputy Head, Wilkinson Primary School
“I now know what to write in my essay!"
Mr Neal, Deputy Head, Wilkinson Primary School
“It was a fantastic experience and I really
enjoyed it”
Mrs Morrison, English teacher, Purbrook Park School