Together, with your support, we can continue to make theatre that is exciting
and accessible.

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  • Putting young and emerging artists, female artists, and artists from ethnic minorities at the heart of our company and productions.
  • Ensuring disability is no barrier to making art.
  • Confronting the stigma surrounding mental health issues in our productions.
As a company with our roots in touring, we strive to ensure theatre is truly accessible to everyone, visiting venues operating in areas of significant deprivation throughout the UK. We tackle current issues facing our society by:

Creative Captioning

To make 'The Lesson' accessible to deaf or hearing impaired people.

Icarus 360

Developing a 360 degree virtual reality live-streaming platform to create new theatre audiences

All Star Shakespeare

Preparing a new range of educational workshops and theatre masterclasses.

Making Space

An innovative devising programme that will improve participants’ career prospects..

Coming soon

Knife Crime

Icarus is planning a show to help the community lower knife crime. With your help we can produce shows in schools and local theatres.

Our effect on the community.

Through our youth placement programmes we are committed to engaging everyone from experienced artists to placement students in continuous, lifelong learning, and pathways into the profession. In a ‘normal’ (ie: non-Covid) year, we:

Reach more than 20,000 people

Employ more than 50 artists

Tour to more than 30 venues

Teach over 300 children and young people

Ensuring disability is no barrier to making art

Confronting mental heath stigma in theatre

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ps... We are registered charity no. 1134535 and you can see our accounts on the Charity Commission website.