The MAKING-SPACE Programme

Our Values

About us

The MAKING-SPACE Theatre Programme is born of Icarus Theatre Collective.

We collaboratively innovate theatre and how it’s made. It is a devised employment programme funded by the DWP KICKSTART Scheme. We work towards giving young people more access to the creative industry.

We are 15 young people aged 19-25 forming one company created by Clarice Montero Project Manager.

Clarice has a longstanding history in theatre and is also a qualified life coach. Combining these two interests, she created the MAKING-SPACE Programme after Icarus expressed a desire to create an employment opportunity for a large group of individuals on the Kickstart scheme.
Clarice loves to question and challenge the theatre industry as it stands and wants to create a future where artists can thrive and create work that is empowering.

Whats Next!

We’re going to the Camden Fringe!
We collaboratively wrote three plays and are taking them out in the world.
Click the link below to book tickets!
this is not a party.
19th-20th August 2022 at The Camden Peoples Theatre

24th August 2022 at New Diorama Theatre